Sunday, September 26, 2010

My Great Grandmother's 96th Birthday

On Saturday Zev and I got up and drove with my father and my cousin, Colton, to Early, Texas. We went to celebrate my Great Grandmother's 96th birthday. Mamaw is living in an assisted living center, and the party was in the one of the rooms there. It was 3 and a half hours there and back.

Here is Stacy and Julie bringing Mamaw into her party.

She was really happy.

Zev practiced his walking with Grandma and Aunt Julie.

I think this is the best picture of Zev in months (and my dad isn't too bad either...)

Dad and Mamaw

Dad, Mamaw, Zev and Me... Zev really loved the flowers on Mamaw's shirt. He wanted them so much, and he also loved the wheels on her chair.

Li Li, Zev, and Keaton

Lisa, Mamaw, Julie, and Keaton

Madi, Mamaw, and Colton

I think this is hilarious. It looks like my brother and Mamaw are just gazing at each other.

This is us trying to get Zev to get to make friends with Angie.

Angie is Zev's (some number of) cousin. This is her with Mamaw and her dad. She is so sweet.

At 13 months, she was trying to give Zev some walking tips...

Here is everyone together.

It was so much fun to spend the day with our whole family, and Zev did really well on the long drives. He is a trooper.

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