Monday, August 8, 2011

Camp Simchah, 2!

Here is Zev (on pajama day) painting cookies with frosting. I hope none of that snot running down his nose dripped on the cookies...

This one is not really of Zev, but I like him sitting over there watching his friend pour water.

Here he is pouring his own water.

More water!

Petting a bunny. Ari and I have been discussing who Zev looks like here. He says Noah, and I thought Oren and Scott (which I guess is me and Ari)? Who knows? I think we will spend forever discussing who Zev looks like, and then if Tahl looks like Zev!

I can't believe Zev has only two more days of summer camp! Then he has two weeks off before he moves up to the two's classroom. I am not sure how he will feel about new teachers. Hopefully he will love them as much as he loved the last ones!

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