Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Zev's first day!

Zev has moved up into the Two's classroom at school. We are VERY excited for this year! His new teachers seem very nice. One of them also used to work for ECI as a speech specialist like the one who visits Zev. She has said she will work with him at school. Last Friday, Zev and I went to meet Miss Mari and Miss Leslye, but he actually had his very first day of school while Ari and I were out of town. Here are some pictures that my dad took!

Here he is making a silly face before he left.

Now he's getting in the car.

He found some puzzles.

My dad said he cried a little when he left, but the teachers said he did great at the end when he picked him up.

Here is what Tahl did while Zev was at school.

He also loves to sit in his Bumbo chair.

I'm off to get Zev ready for his second day of school!

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