Friday, August 12, 2011

Tummy Time

In the afternoon, Tahl had a little tummy time.

He was busy.

He did some resting.

He looked at his mom.

He did a little head lifting (and smiling!)

Then there was a some Zev watching...

He also spent some time trying to turn over. (I know he can because I have left the room and come back to see him in a different position several times, but I've never witnessed it myself...)

Last he did quite a bit of throwing up before I felt bad for him and rolled him over.

Look at those eyes.

Zev was busy watching TV during Tahl's tummy time.

Zev has loved Elmo for a while, then came Mater, and now he is a pretty big Dora fan. I definitely prefer Elmo and Mater...

This is the castle Zev and I built this afternoon too, proof we don't just watch TV! We also did a little art. I am trying to teach Zev how to use glue without pouring half the bottle on the page. It's not going very well so far...

Tummy time is tiring...

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