Saturday, August 13, 2011

My Little Monsters!

My aunts, Lisa and Julie, had the wonderful idea to give Tahl a onesie that matched the shirt Zev got for his first birthday. Zev also has a blanket made by the woman who sells these shirts on Etsy, and I had one made for Tahl as soon as we decided what his name would be. I love monsters for little boys, and I love these shirts. This is my favorite photo shoot in a while.

Tahl is really starting to notice Zev more and more. Zev is starting to think Tahl is not so bad either, except for the first 30 minutes to an hour after his nap.

Poor Zev busted his lip the morning I took these. He looks silly in this one, but it is one of the only ones where Tahl is smiling.

They look a little alike here. I wonder what it could be?

This is Zev "smiling"...

Zev or I must have given Tahl quite a surprise.

Here we have Zev's only true smile. (I tickled him.)

I like this one because Zev looks old, and Tahl seems is very interested in what he is doing.


He can't believe he got a kiss! I swear that was his reaction. Zev is just too cool to care though.

To get the cup in the first picture away from Zev, I convinced him that his duck was thirsty. Here he is giving him more to drink.

Again, everything Zev does is amazing.

Then he fell over. Apparently it was fun.

Here we have a close up.

Zev decided Tahl might need some water too.

Again, it's like he can't believe Zev would talk to him. I love it.

Another close up of the littlest monster.

Last, and definitely least, this one cracks me up. Even babies can take horrible pictures sometimes...

I am loving seeing these guys start to interact more and more. I can't wait for them to play together!

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  1. Love these! They would make a cute photobook.