Monday, October 31, 2011

Emily, Matt, and Grey visit...

When Emily was in town she took lots of pictures! I stole them so I can repost them on my blog.

Here is her arboretum picture.

Here are Grey and Tahl spending time together.

Matt and Tahl. They were fast friends.

Grey and Zev had fun playing in the kitchen.

Who doesn't want a good fuzzy ball?

More Tahl and Matt. I'm sure Matt got very drooled on for his troubles.

Zev and Grey shared a yummy lunch.

They also shared a big hug before Grey left.
Zev got very upset when he didn't get a "real" hug from Matt. Then he wanted two hugs.

Emily got a big hug from Zevi too, and I got one from Grey.

We had tons of fun playing together, and we can't wait to see Matt, Emily, and Grey again!

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