Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I am a lazy mother, so I forgot when Zev was a tiny baby to make his hand print, even though we got several gifts to help us do this. I decided yesterday that it was better late than never, so I got out the kit. I mixed up the plaster, and I of course ignored the directions about how this was for a young baby and two parents were needed. I got it ready, I got Zev's hand ready, and we put his hand in. Unfortunately it should sit there for five seconds, but before five seconds was up, Zev decided he would like to eat the smooshy stuff in his hand. I caught him before he made it to his mouth, but this is the impression we got.

I actually quite like it. I think when he is a big kid looking back at it, he will think this is much funnier than just a plain old baby hand print. Everyone has one of those, right? At least that is what I'm telling myself. So, long story short, do the hand print when the baby is little, and it does not yet occur to them that those are their hands to do what they want with.

Below I have two videos of Zev laughing. His laugh still sounds a little like a cry, but if you listen you can hear me "eating" his belly, so you know he is laughing. Not the best camera work as it is hard to tickle and hold a camera at the same time!

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