Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Today I watched one of my friend's three kids while she went to the doctor. I got to practice my big kid playing skills. We made a big mess, and I fed them some random food. What was funny was that while I was changing her baby's diaper, I heard Zev start crying all of a sudden really loudly. When I went in this is what I found. I felt bad taking his picture before I helped, but it was too funny. He really did not like having his hat like this! He is the one who did it though....

Later this afternoon, we ate some more rice cereal. Today was the third day, and I feel like Zev is starting to get the hang of it a little more. I actually heard him swallow a time or two instead of just letting it run out of his mouth. He either ate, or is wearing, the whole bowl.

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