Sunday, November 15, 2009

Solids and a duck

Today for the first time, Zev tried "solid food". (I put this in quotations, because Ari did not really believe it was a solid.) Anyhow, he tried rice cereal around lunch time. He probably lost more than he ate, but it was a good first try. Here he is wondering what is about to happen.

First bite.

Taking control.



Our next order of business has been starting to get things baby proofed. We had some free time this Sunday, since there were no good grocery deals for Ari to worry about, so we got started. We covered the electronics, bolted the book shelf to the wall, and ordered some baby gates. It is really hard to find a good baby gate big enough to divide the kitchen in the playroom, but we think we found one.

Needless to say, this spending of money stressed Ari out, but he did let me get one fun item at Babies R Us. Zev got a new bath tub. He was getting too big for the bath sling, and he doesn't sit up on his own. Even when he does, it will be hard to keep a hand on him and soap him, so we have invested in this duck. It is hard to find bath seats anymore since Consumer Report said no one should own them (I guess that is why...) Anyway, it's comfy and it quacks. Zev wasn't sure about it at first, but he grew to like it.

Eating a purple "R" for Aunt Ray Ray.

It looks like it will be too small soon, but we think he will be sitting up in the next few weeks, so it should be fine then.

Zev has a big week ahead with a few play dates, two doctor's appointments, and going to get his passport pictures/passport. Also, Wednesday he is six months old! I can hardly believe it, but more about that later.


  1. Cute! Looks like he does better with solids than Lucy.

    Passport pictures? Where are you headed?

  2. Today Zev totally got the solids thing! I heard him swallow, and I think he understood... I have a video I am going to post. We are going to the Dominican Republic in February with Ari's whole family. We are really excited.