Monday, May 24, 2010

busy Zev

Zev has been super busy lately. Here he is at Chuck E. Cheese for his cousin Brock's birthday party. He had a good time driving this car and a few others. He was a little bored watching Ari and I steal his tokens to play "Deal or No Deal." Overall though, I think he had a good time.

Today Zev went into our pool for the first time of the season. We had fun, but he does not want his head near the water. He likes to drive in here, and he also likes to splash. We went in the pool to wash off what you see below...

I read on the internet when I was looking for fun things to with Zev, that babies like to finger paint. I used pudding. Once Zev figured out that pudding is tasty, the painting part disappeared. He really got very little in his mouth. I would say less than a spoonful {I also ate the other half}, but he did get a lot on himself.

Here is a video of the pudding pig himself. Please ignore my annoying voice, but you need the sound to hear Zev tell you what sound a pig makes.

This is not Zev, but my friends who read this always hear me talk about Zev's cousins, Noah and Jaren. Here is a picture of each of them on the last day of school. I am told that Noah said he wanted to wear this goggles so he could see everything blue all day, but I think they didn't make it out of the car.

Jaren is maybe the prettiest little girl I've ever seen.
Zev is excited (at least I'm telling him to be) that he is going to get to play with his cousins soon! We go to Chicago in June for Oren's graduation from law school. WE can't wait.

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