Monday, May 3, 2010

Zev ate a BIG dinner last night of noodles, chicken, and peas in red sauce. He also had a side of broccoli zucchini. I did not think he could POSSIBLY eat all of this, but he did...

Here is a video of Zev enjoying his food...

Next, we have the finished product. I think I have learned that the monster will eat as many noodles as I put on his plate, so next time; I will put less, but this night he had a feast. When he was finished he was upset, so he had a little bit of kiwi for dessert. Zev LOVES fruit.

After this we had a long bath. Then Zev still wanted to nurse before bed... I am really interested to see what he will weigh at his year appointment.

Last, a little video of the man in his room. He loves crawling around the back of his chair and between the chair and foot rest. I think he thinks he has found some sort of secret passage. Here he gets stuck, and he is so proud of himself when he gets out.

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