Thursday, May 20, 2010


Zev has been "talking" on the phone a lot lately. When he picks it up, he says "Da da da da." He also has a new word, number five, "hi." He will use this one when told and when he is playing phone. This morning (repeating after me) he said "hi da." He also has been blowing kisses and doing the "how big is Zevi?" trick this week. We are, of course, massively impressed as only parents can be.


smoosh face talking

saying something very serious

as always, one just to show how cute this guy is...

Zev went to the doctor for his year check up yesterday. He is 21 pounds, 9 ounces (35%) and 29 inches (25%). The doctor said he is just short, but he is solid for his height. He had only wonderful things to say about Zev, but then the visit got a little rough when it was shot time. Zevi was very brave, but he got a fever last night after his shots. Hopefully he feels better today.

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