Thursday, May 20, 2010

Buby and Buster

Yesterday when I blogged about our new and improved back yard, I was so proud of Ari for building the swing set all by himself, that I forgot to mention who it came from. Buby and Buster got Zev a fantastic swing set to play on, just like they got his cousin Noah on his first birthday.

While we are on the topic of Buby and Buster, I just want to mention that Zev could not be luckier to have them as grandparents. Whenever they see something that says "Zev," be it a cute outfit, a good book, a stuffed animal, or a fun monkey smock; they just pop it in the mail. Even better than presents is how much Zev gets to see them. You would think that being in Utah, Zev wouldn't see them often, but he has seen them at least 7 times in the last year. Zev has such a great time with Buster and Buby because they are so much fun... So thanks, Buby and Buster for all that you do for Zev (and us). Even if I accidentally forget to blog about it, know that it does not go unappreciated! We love you.

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