Tuesday, May 18, 2010


the birthday boy

I know a few people who do the whole "10 on Tuesday" thing on their blogs. I have never done it before, but in honor of Zev's birthday, I will do a list of 10 things I love about Zev.

1. Just like me, that kid loves his dad. The other day when Ari was trying to wake him up, he was murmuring "da da" in his sleep. He is so happy everyday when Ari comes home. He follows him everywhere, and Ari is the best dad, so he deserves ALL the love.

2. Zev is a snuggler. I am so lucky that he still lets me hold him for hugs at least right before he goes to sleep. Sometimes even when we are out, he will come to me and put his head on my shoulder for some back rubbing and hugs.

3. He has his own ideas. I love that Zev is quirky. He may eat hair and be afraid to go down a slide, but he know what he likes and I love that.

4. It is so much fun watching him learn to be independent and go after what he wants. He used to only sit by me when we went places, but he is starting to venture away, and it makes me proud.

5. Zev likes to EAT! Zev eats just about everything and in large amounts. Last night he had his first pizza, and he ate an entire piece. He loves anything with red sauce, fruit, and meat. He definitely likes sweets, but I think he is going to be a good eater.

6. His hair. Who could not love the curls on this kid? The rest of him is pretty cute too.

7. I love when he just busts out laughing for at least what I see as no reason. He laughs whenever I drink my chocolate shake or sometimes just at himself in the mirror. He also makes the funniest faces.

8. That being said, he laughs for the right reasons too. Zev loves when I put his pants or a rubber duck on my head. He loves when I pretend to be a dog, and he likes to lick my nose and then laugh hysterically.

9. I love getting to see how Zev changes my family. He made Ari and I into a happy little family, but I also love seeing our parents with him. It is fun to see your parents as grandparents, and mine and Ari's siblings as aunts and uncles. Zev is so lucky to have such a wonderful and close family.

10. I like how being with Zev makes me feel. He loves me all the time just for being me, and that is something you can really only get from a child. I love being a mom, and I know this was the boy meant just for me. He is making me a better person every single day.

Here are a few pictures from today. The big ONE YEAR OLD day!

playing wheels

with his friends

playing ball


  1. This made me get all teary, Aim! He is such a lucky little boy.

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE that dog shirt!

  3. Zev has the best mom ever, and I love that!

  4. Thanks Dad, I'm not so sure after I locked him in the car, but I'll take it.

    Alison, I told Emily the other day about how you would love this outfit! I knew that dog shirt with the plaid shorts would be something you would want. Maybe they make it in Gary's size...