Saturday, March 19, 2011

22 months

Yesterday Zev was 22 months! I can't believe he is so close to two! In one more month he will have a little brother. I am sure he knows something is coming because he has been really wanting to not take one step away from me. Other big changes this month:

- running! Zev would like to run everywhere. We don't really think he goes much faster, but he is much cuter to watch.
- talking - Zev says LOTS more words. Not everyone understands them, but that is why we will be starting speech on Monday. Hopefully it will help other people to understand all the great things Zev has up in that head of his.
-pretending - Zev has been cooking in the kitchen for a while, but he also has bird puppets that fly and brushes Grover's teeth, so it is getting even more fun.
- being cute - This hasn't changed much. Zev is silly and fun. His personality is out on display, and 98% of the time we love it. As for the other 2%, that is just what one year olds do...

Hopefully that percentage doesn't grow with age!

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