Wednesday, March 9, 2011

ECI and the BUMP!

This morning Zev was evaluated by ECI (Early Childhood Intervention) for his speech. We actually had a good time. Zev enjoyed playing with the women who came and trying out their toys. They gave him little tests with shapes, and he enjoyed doing what they asked him. We liked hearing his results and learning about more ways to work with him. They said that right now he is exactly at 21 months (on track with his age) for his overall communication and motor skills. This is the first time he wasn't "behind" in motor skills so that was good. He was at 27 months for self help skills and 29 months for cognition. He is on track for communication because he understands so much and that averages with how much he is understood to come out at age. They did say they would qualify him for "a-typical articulation", which I am really excited about. I really was hoping he would qualify because I know he gets frustrated that other people don't understand his words, and I am sure that will get harder. ECI is also a great situation for us since they will come out to our house!

After that big morning, Zev spent the afternoon at the park with a friend from his class and his family. He was having lots of fun until he fell off the playground equipment! I think I need to stand closer to him on our next visit. Poor Zev.

He has a serious bump, and I am sure it is going to make one colorful bruise (with one guilty feeling mom having to stare at it...) He did go on to keep playing and have lots of fun. He seemed perfectly happy tonight, so hopefully the bruise will be our only problem.

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