Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Tyler, Day 2

Here are a few pictures of Zev today!


Happy face

When my parents were still in Indonesia they bought Zev this outfit. I believe it was meant for a taller, skinnier baby...

The pants were so tight, it was difficult for Z to sit.

We decided to try on this outfit they bought him in China instead.
Zev didn't care much for the hat, and he kept trying to put it on the horse.

The only picture with the hat on.

He liked this outfit, so he decided to get down to the business of playing toys.

Still a little too small for the Buddha belly

sweet face

After this, we put on Zev's real clothes and went out to lunch. Thanks to dad, Stacy, Lisa, and Mike all for hosting us in Tyler. We had lots of fun playing with everyone in town!

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