Saturday, March 19, 2011


Today Zev and I went with my mom and Wanda to the arboretum. We took a few pictures, and Zev is even smiling in a few... He had a lot of fun, but it is hard not to pick up the dirt, etc.

Zev and mom

3 people who need a sun tan!

finally set free!

one of my favorite faces...

Z and Mimi

Here he is making trouble before being forced back into the stroller.


Mimi and Zev going in to see one of the castles.

photo opportunity!

Wanda, Zev, and mom in front of the flowers.


Snuggling on the bus ride home.

Every time our door bell rings (or even the if the ice machine sounds like a knock), Zev runs for the door screaming "Mimi!" He is upset if it isn't her, so he enjoys his special snuggle time!

Speaking of Mimi, tomorrow is her birthday! Thank you Mimi for everything you do for us. You are amazing! We love you!

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