Monday, March 21, 2011

Tahl's new and improved room...

Tahl will be getting here in just about a month! This weekend Ari and I finished up his room. He is taking over Zev's nursery now that Zev has moved to the big boy room. Last weekend I got out all the baby toys and the floor mat. I started washing and hanging up all his clothes, which I finished this weekend. The most fun part was putting a few new touches on the nursery decor specific for Tahl since he will be in previous "Zev territory".

His name on the wall. I ordered the giant letters online and my amazing cousin Ashlyn painted them for me.

We moved Zev's blanket and put this up over the book shelf. Ari's mother, Karen, stitched this when Tova, Ari's oldest sister, was just a little girl. It was just sitting in a closet at Ari's parents' house, so we are using it now. We love it.

This weekend Tahl also got an AMAZING gift from our very crafty and talented friend Alison. This quilt matches our house perfectly, and it is so cute I would pay quite a bit of money for it. Luckily, we didn't have to.

Alison also made some stuffed blocks to go with the quilt which are precious. As he has done with everything else we get out for the baby, Zev decided to give them a test drive. He thinks they are very soft and good for hugging.

We are getting excited (and nervous). Can't wait for the new little guy to make his debut.

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