Saturday, March 5, 2011

Busy kid

On Friday, Zev went to the zoo with his mom (me), my friend Katy, and her three kids. Zev loves to play with the big kids, and he even went down the slide with the twins holding on to him a few times. It was pretty cute. He was also making lots of animal noises for me.

After his nap we painted, played, and then we met dad for dinner at our favorite pizza place. Zev has gotten so big, that he would really like it if I didn't cut any bites off of his pizza but let him hold it instead.

Here he is showing his painting off.
(By the way, Alex brand washable paint is NOT actually washable. Zev's tray is still orange and yellow. DO NOT BUY IT.)

This morning while I was off teaching school Zev played with my mom and Wanda. Then he went to visit his Papa and Uncle Scott over at my parent's house. Then he was off to visit my mom's friend before coming back to play more with Uncle Scott. Thanks mom and Wanda for always watching Zev! This afternoon, he is off to a birthday party of his friend's Benjamin and Jennifer. Zev tries to say Benjamin, but it sounds more like this "min-a-min". At least he is attempting bigger words. Maybe tomorrow Zev will have a slow day.

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