Sunday, June 12, 2011

TWO months old!

I can't believe Tahl is two months old already! He celebrated with a little photo shoot.

Tahl is starting to sleep a little better. He has moved out of the swing and into bed. I do have to hold him, rock him, shush him, etc. for anywhere from ten minutes (if I'm super lucky) to forty-five minutes to get him to sleep though. He has slept a few longer stretches at night so far.

He eats really well, and we will find out what he weighs at the doctor tomorrow.

He does lots more sitting and tummy time. He has been taking a bath without crying, and he did actually seem to like the pool for the first five minutes or so. He might have kept enjoying it, but he ended up making a really big poop (that got on my mom's pants), so maybe he was having tummy troubles.

Here is Zev reminding us that he is already good at laying on his tummy...

Everyone decided to try it.

This guy is definitely getting cuter.
Can't wait to see what the next month brings us. Hopefully more sleep, more smiles, and more leg roles!

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