Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tahl is growing...

I am a horrible swaddler, so I have invested in this new blanket for Tahl. The poor guy looks like he is wearing a straight jacket, but it is working for us so far.
He is still sleeping mostly in his swing, but he has slept some in the bed this week. Maybe we can slowly move towards more and more in bed sleep time.

Tahl is getting bigger! He can't sit in here for too long yet, but he is enjoying the bumbo. He is getting a lot more head control.

We have been trying to have lots of tummy time. Tahl gets bored/fussy after about two or three minutes, but we try to do it a few times throughout the day.

This video is only for the true Tahl fan. It features the little guy sneezing not much else, but this is about all he does right now!

Tahl is not the only one who likes the bumbo... While Tahl does his tummy time, Zev keeps us company.

I am excited that he is getting bigger!

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  1. I remember that "new to the herd" shirt. :) So cute!