Saturday, June 18, 2011


As we get out more and more of Zev's old clothes for Tahl, we have quite a few flash backs. Today we tried to stage a flashback to this famous photo of a sleeping chubby Zev.

Instead we got this! Someone does not want to be just like his big brother. He is also a few weeks younger (and skinnier)...
It is also fitting because just when I said Tahl was sleeping better he had his worst night in a while. He has also been really difficult for naps (from 45 minutes to 2 hours working to get him to sleep...) Today was a better day with Ari home, so hopefully tomorrow will go better as well, and we will start the week off on a new note.

He came around a little in the end, but it just wasn't the same since he was awake. Maybe I'll try again next time he wears this outfit!
These guys are not twins by any means, but I think you can tell they are brothers. I think Tahl may be (excuse the pun) a little taller than Zev. He weighed 11 pounds, 12 ounces at his two month appointment. He was in about the 50-75th% for height (23 1/4 inches) and weight, where as Zev was usually around 50th for weight and 25% for height. Zev has definitely grown a lot though. At his two year he weighed about 30 pounds and was just under 3 feet tall. He was for the first time about 75th% for height and between 50-75th% for weight. (Please excuse all the boring details, but this is my baby book after all...)

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