Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pictures from our week...

I have been bad about taking pictures, but Zev was sick a few days this week. When he was sick he was pretty sure I should do nothing but hold him, not take pictures, and definitely not hold Tahl... I did get a few on my phone and after he got better though.

Here are the boys in bed. Zev likes it a little more now when Tahl gets in to visit him. I'm not sure if he can find him through all the toys...

This weekend when everyone was feeling good, Tahl went for his first swim.

Zev also tested out his very manly swim diaper.

I tried to get a picture of everyone looking, but it's not so easy in this family.

We wanted to show off their matching speedos...

I have a hard time getting Tahl to sleep, apparently though, I should just let him sleep on the couch...

Ari and I were cooking dinner while Zev was playing outside. We looked out and saw him just chilling in a chair. Excuse the screen door in the picture.

While Zev was sick, we had to get out of the house, so we went to Target. In the dollar section, they had some nice "Cars" socks. Zev has decided to be a big fan of Lightning McQueen.

I think this one is to pay me back for always hating on Elmo. I have always loved Grover, and I believed Elmo ruined his life. I guess I didn't realize back then that Frank Oz wanted to move on, and they hadn't found a new Grover yet, but I have decided to learn a lesson from Zev. He loves Elmo and Grover, so maybe I can too.
This week Zev starts his summer camp at the JCC. They get to play outside and swim every day. He is going to be so happy (and tired).

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