Saturday, September 3, 2011

My kids are precious.

I don't have any pictures this post, but I do have some cute two year old things I don't want to forget.

1. Zev has two new favorite songs. First, I have been singing "Zev-e-dee-do-dah" since he was born, but he now makes me sing it like six times a day. I think I need to play him the original so he understands why it is "zev" because he also insists that I sing "Tahl-e-do-dah" every time we put Tahl to sleep. It is so sweet when right before he goes to sleep, he puts his head on my shoulder and says "do dah".

2. Zev's other new favorite song is "Let it Be." We listen to it on my phone, and he sings "beee, beee" while he sways. I love it. He also likes "Hey Jude" and "Yellow Submarine".

3. Along with Zev's new Dora obsession, he is now carrying a backpack, which makes him very happy. We are thinking he might be Swiper, a character from Dora, for Halloween. If he is watching Dora while I cook, he will run into the kitchen and tell me "SWIPER!!" and then run back to the TV to finish his show.

4. Today, Zev picked up a banana, and then he dropped it. He said "Ohhh. Heavy." It cracked me up. He is getting much better at using two word combinations and even more phrases every day. His new favorite is "all right." Ari has also been making him yell "Touchdown!"

5. Zev loved his first week of school. After Tahl came, Zev started crying some when we dropped him off. My dad did say he cried a little on Monday, but on Wednesday and Friday, he didn't mind when Ari left at all. On Friday when his teacher brought him out to my car, she said, "We love him! He never stops laughing."

Tahl has been getting even sweeter if you can believe it. He hardly ever cries in the car seat anymore, and he loves any stranger. He is quick to smile, and he has been learning to go to sleep in his own bed! We finally decided to start crying it out, and in our first four tries, he did not cry for longer than five minutes one time! That is a big change from when he would cry any time we were in the car for even a minute. He seems well rested and happy.

Things are going great around here. Next post, pictures!

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