Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Tahl LOVES tummy time...

Tahl has been loving tummy time lately. You can't keep him on his back, but before we get to that, here is a picture of Zevi. He was reading to his babies, and he fell asleep right in the middle! When he got up there were even more books underneath him.

Here is Tahli doing some tummy time. He is chatting it up with his Mimi. You can see how far back he has moved from the towel, which is where he started. Yesterday I put him down by Zev's toys and about two minutes later I looked for him, and he had backed up under the bed. He isn't moving forward yet, but he wants to.

In this video he is planking. It is funny because instead of just laying down, you can hear him grunt and work at staying up in the air. Silly baby.

I'm very worried about when he starts to crawl, and the fits that will ensue from Zev when Tahl touches all his stuff. I guess he will have to learn to share some time...

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