Thursday, September 22, 2011

More cuteness!

We had a really cute day today. I have been trying to take more pictures, so here we have it, another cell phone dump.

Zev has been reading books to his stuffed friends, and my favorite part is that he turns it around and shows the pictures like he is a teacher.
Here he is pretending to feed Tahl yogurt.

This was cute, but poor Tahl thought he was really getting something to eat. He was a little disappointed. Zev also then stuck the spoon in a little too far, so the game had to end. Zev did actually help me feed Tahl his cereal today though.

On an even cuter note, Zev actually fell asleep in his big bed today for his nap! He has done it twice at night now, but this was the first nap. He has all his babies, and he just laid there and picked his nose until he fell asleep. (I watched on the monitor!)

When I went in later, he looked like this.

(He is wearing this weird outfit because his was drying from the water table. )

Then in the afternoon we went to see the ducks. Last spring, Zev still didn't really care that much. Now he loves to visit them and throw bread.

Another duck video with Zev quacking, throwing his bread backwards, and saying hi to his dad!

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