Sunday, September 18, 2011


Today Tahl tried cereal for the first time. He has been interested in our food for a little while now, and he is a very hungry guy. Also I promised my doctor I would try solids before six months this time. So, he is eating a tiny bit of brown rice cereal mixed with breast milk once a day for the next two weeks or so before we move on to fruits and veggies.

He liked it. It was almost like he already knew what to do!

Some of it came back out, of course, but he also ate a fair amount of it too.


He ended up a little messy, but I think he was sad it was gone. Next time we will do it thicker.

Hands make a good after breakfast treat.

I tried to give Tahl water yesterday in a cup. That did not go as well. He spit it out and cried. Zev told him "HAPPY!" and shoved the cup back in his mouth. We will have to keep practicing all these new bigger baby things!

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