Monday, September 12, 2011

5 Months!

Today this guy is five months old! He is sweet and silly. He is very happy, always smiling and laughing. He is still very social, and he already has a great sense of humor. He is still sleeping swaddled, he eats about 6 times a day, and I still wish he slept in a little bit longer chunks at night. He loves his family, people, bright lights, tv, and most of all his fingers.

He is getting close to sitting, but he isn't quite there yet...

I'm biased, but I think he could not be more precious.

He had even less balance than usual in the soft chair.

It is pretty much impossible to keep his fingers out of his mouth. I am not sure if he is teething, or if he is just going to be a finger lover.

If you try to use your fingers to get his out, he thinks you are just giving him an even bigger finger snack. Yum.

Then he discovered that he wanted his pretty shoes.

Our photo shoot had no chance in the chair after this.

He also slobbed up his 5 month tag. Tahl is a very prolific drooler.

So we moved to the floor. Tahl is pretty good at tummy time, he would be great if he could stop spitting up so much.


Last, but not least, a treat for Emily who asked for a picture of his chubby legs.

This is a video of Tahl talking. He is a very verbal little guy!

This month Tahl started going to sleep on his own in his room and sleeping for longer than just 45 minute chunks. Next month, rice cereal and who knows what else!

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