Sunday, September 11, 2011

Buby, Aunt Ray Ray, and Ava visit!

This weekend we had some special visitors! Buby, Aunt Ray Ray, and Ava came to visit us in Dallas. We got just a few pictures.

Zev was still not great at sharing with Ava, but he did better on a few things like coloring. Ava LOVED Zev and wanted to do just what he did. Here they are coloring at the little table.

Zev got a new Dora coloring book at the Dollar Tree. He loves to color Boots.

Ava still thinks crayons might be yummy. She liked being a big kid though.

Here is Buby with Zev and Tahl. Two out of three looking at the camera isn't too bad.

Tahl can't stop eating his finders long enough for a picture.

We told Zev to smile, but he wouldn't smile AND look at the camera at the same time.

Since it was so easy taking pictures before, we decided to add a third kid to make it more fun.

Tahl thought Ava might taste yummy.

In the end though, he went back to his hands.

Finally looking at the camera

On Saturday we also went a cheesy "Indoor Safari" park where the kids rode trains and an elephant. Zev and Ava loved playing in the balls and the slide too. Those picture are on Karen's camera though, and my cord wouldn't fit. Hopefully I'll get them in the next week or so! We had so much fun with our family. Zev even let Buby read him books and put him to bed. He also liked Ava when she wasn't touching his stuff. Hopefully Thanksgiving on someone else's turf will go even better.

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