Sunday, September 18, 2011

Dress up

Last year for Hanukkah Buby and Buster gave Zev some dress up clothes. I bought him another outfit or two after Halloween last year when they were on sale. We finally got them out not too long ago, and Zev has been enjoying dressing up! I wanted to take pictures, but when I got out the camera, it was out of batteries, so I only have phone pictures...

Policeman Zev

Here is Mimi helping him get dressed as a "Zoo worker".

Here he is feeding the elephants.

Now he's a doctor listening to Mimi's heart beat.

Dr. Z

Maybe his favorite, is to dress up as a chef. He made me eggs for breakfast.

Chef Zev again...

While Zev was playing dress up Tahl was napping. I took this video right after he woke up. He is very happy when he wakes up!

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