Thursday, January 5, 2012


Starting on New Years eve we started to try to do a little potty training with Mr. Z. He had one accident Saturday, one Sunday, none Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday, and then two today. It is going relatively well. I think I am more potty trained than Zev in that he goes almost every time I take him, but he never tells me when he has to go yet. He also hasn't pooped in the potty yet. Hopefully he will start telling me soon.

He is really proud of his big boy underwear though!

This is what you get when you ask him to show you his undies... He was also very proud to have peed for the first time outside today!

On another note, Tahl is trouble. He is into everything.

If I loose him, I could find him anywhere. He might be down the hall or in the laundry room, or playing with his stroller...

This guy requires constant vigilance. I find things in his mouth that are not food more than I would like. We have to be very careful.
Thank goodness he's cute...

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