Monday, January 30, 2012

Silly guy

Zev has become incredibly silly. Here he is showing that off at school.

The other day after Zev's "rest" time in his room alone, I went in to find an entire roll of toilet paper in this bucket.
Yesterday, Ari and I went in to find his stool set up by his open closet doors. Every piece of clothing Zev owned was on the floor, including clothes from his drawers. He had the wipes down, and he had emptied an entire package of wipes into the trash... He is very destructive as of late.

But, back to the silly! Here he is as a fire dog...

He has recently been putting hand cuffs on everything. Then he will tell me, "my bed is a bad man," or whatever else he hooked them on to.

2 other big weekend sillies:
1. A woman was talking to Tahl when we were out to lunch having sandwiches. She was going on and on about how he was eating a sandwich. Zev looked right at her and deadpanned, "I eating a sandwich too." Tahl isn't going to get all of the attention while Zev has a say about it.
2. We went to the park with my parents and Kade. Zev and Kade were going up the slide instead of down, and I told Zev that if he went up the slide again we were going to go home. He then turned around and told Kade, "Kade, we go DOWN the slide." He is getting very bossy.

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