Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Visiting with Emily, Matt, and Grey

When Emily, Matt, and Grey were in town after the new year we went to the park together. I stole these pictures off Emily's blog, but I forgot to post them. Better late than never.

Grey is getting so big. Here he is sliding all by himself.

Zev didn't really want to do anything except play in the sandbox.

Grey didn't really want to join him, but he thought about it.

This kid LOVES to dig.

Tahl has fun being outside, but you can't put him down because he puts everything in his mouth, so instead he gets to be in pictures with me, Matt, and Grey.

Em and Grey sliding.

Em and I with our babies


We asked the boys to give hugs before they left.

Zev hugging Grey.

Grey hugging Zev. Zev is standing on a rock, so this is the best Grey could do. How sweet is he?

We always wish we could see the Richardson's more often! If Tahl could stop hating his car seat, maybe we will make it all the way to Mississippi one day soon.

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