Friday, January 20, 2012

Tahl dances

Yesterday at a play date some music came on and Tahl started to dance! I was so excited. I tried to get a little video of it today.

In the second video, you see a little more dancing, and also T stops doing something when I tell him "no." This is about 50/50 right now depending on how much he wants to take apart the train set/ eat electrical wires/ chew on a tiny piece of carpet he found/ etc. I do have to tell him quite a lot though, so I think he is learning this word much earlier than Zev.

Today at school I told Zev to say goodbye to his teacher, and Tahl started waving! We have also been working on high 5's which I think he is getting pretty good at. This is on top of his other skills, so I have to say, this kid is awesome. He is also quite the dancer, the videos do not do him justice.

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