Thursday, January 12, 2012

9 months!

Today Tahl is 9 months old!

He could not be sweeter. He is so much fun and SO active. At this age, Zev was just learning to army crawl, but Tahl is EVERYWHERE. He is all over the house: crawling, and pulling up.

He was happily cutting down on baby food and eating more real food, but now he is completely hating anything real and eating tons of baby food again. He is not only picky, but he changes his mind all the time about what is good or not. He will definitely eat *yogurt, sweet potatoes and other orange veggies, oatmeal, and crackers/mum mums/stars/carbs!* Other than the previously listed foods, there is no way to tell if something will be good or disgusting from day to day. Blue berries may be delicious for two days and then the worst thing ever....

He is still nursing four times a day, and eating solids at breakfast, lunch, and dinner with the family. He is sleeping most of the night, but several nights a week he wakes up at 4:30... We are hoping he gets over that soon! (Excuse all the extra info, but this is my baby book after all!)

Now to the pictures!

My camera died right when I put the sticker on, so I have a few cell phone pictures.

"It's a gate," says Zev...

Tahl loves to clap. He isn't exactly sure when to do what, but he loves to clap, put his hands in the air for "so big," wave, and sign milk and more. He just does them all in a row, and he isn't quite sure when to do what. It is really cute though.

He loves to babble too. This is not a quiet guy.

Here is a little video of the boys together. Zev is such a sweet and gentle older brother...
I had to end the video to help poor Tahl...

Once my camera battery recharged, we had another photo shoot.

This is a happy guy.

He loves my cell phone. He does not love when I take it away.

This was Zev's outfit all afternoon. Tahl is busy talking on Wanda's phone.

Potty training is going pretty well, just a few accidents.

Here we have Zev listening to Mimi's heartbeat.

Tahl loves instruments.

They make great sounds, and they're delicious!

He loves to pull up, and he loves to look out the window.

Here we have a few shots from my iphone in the last week.

Mater watching Mater on the TV.

Z driving the truck at the zoo last weekend.

Zev when he told me, "I put on lotion..." It was EVERYWHERE, but on TOP of his clothes...

He begged me to take this picture of his sock. Then he posed for it.

This is the "bad guy" phone.

Here is Zev "being a bridge"...
As you can see, he hasn't been wearing pants as much lately... He has also been saying tons of hilarious things. Hopefully I can keep track of them and put more of them up here later...

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