Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maddie visits!

My sister (Aunt Madi or Auntie San San if you want to annoy her) has been in town for a visit again. We've been doing lots of fun stuff this week too. Thursday, we took Zev to a concert at the mall. He got a drum stick that he had fun beating on the rail.

Friday, we went to Children's Museum again. Zev has even more fun every time he goes. Here he is going down the slide with Madi.

and again with me...

Here, I am blowing his mind, DUCK has a DUCK on his HEAD! Zev was astounded...

Doing some more farming. He really enjoys this. He picks the veggies, plants them, and he loves to drop them over the fence.

It was so slow, even Madison and I got to crawl through the tunnels! We had fun.

Looking at fish

Zev likes to touch the sand with his hand, but not with his entire body...

We've had so much fun with Madison (including a game tournament with me, Ari, and Madi, and some really great hula hooping by Ari.) Today we are delivering her back to Tyler. More pictures of that to come, and next week Zev and I are off to MISSISSIPPI!

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