Monday, July 12, 2010

haircut and pool time!

Today Zev got his first hair cut. I am feeling sentimental, and Ari is feeling very sad. Zev is getting so big!

Here he is before:

getting ready

My friend Catherine cut his hair for me at her house. She has a great set up there, and she cuts my hair too. She is wonderful.

Zev ate this comb, and then he was using it to comb his hair. It was precious. He just wanted to help.

By the end of the haircut Zev's hair was starting to look pretty poofy. We thought he looked like he belonged in the 70s. He did great though. He wasn't afraid at all, and he sat very still. I'm sure it helped that he knew Catherine and wasn't nervous at her house.

After he was finished, we went swimming at Catherine's pool with her daughter and some other friends. Zev loved how their pool had a beach entrance.

Two more "after" pictures!


I think it will take some getting used to, but Zev's hair does look good. He doesn't look as much like a baby, but he still has plenty of curls.

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