Friday, July 9, 2010

water table

Zev has been loving playing at the water table. He gets covered in bug spray, and out we go. He gets so excited before we go out.

I think he put his hands on the ground and then on his face? He didn't fall down, but he did drop his cups several times and have to crawl under the table to pick them up. I didn't see him get so messy because I was raking. I looked away for two seconds, and then a super messy guy! No matter how he did it, it was cute!

I planned on putting Zev in the pool to clean up, but while we were at the table, it started raining. So, Zev and I got went in and take a rinse off in the tub because we were both covered in dirt.

Hopefully it will be less rainy tomorrow! Zev would really like to go swimming in the big pool!

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