Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Ava Reese Felson

Ari and I are so happy to introduce our newest niece, Ava Reese Felson. She was born in the afternoon on July 24th. We are excited for Rachel and Zach. I wish we could have been there, but we can't wait to meet her in the next few weeks. Here are a few pictures if you haven't already seen them (or had them forwarded on by me!)

sweet little face

I think she is smiling already in a lot of these pictures...

the proud dad

Buby and her newest grandchild

Rachel and Tova with Ava


This is sweet baby Ava with both of her grandmothers. What a lucky girl...

I will definitely post more pictures of this pretty girl when she gets home from the hospital and starts trying on all the new clothes I am sure Karen (Buby) is buying already. Zev has been practicing his being sweet to baby skills in Mississippi, so he is ready to meet Ava soon!

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