Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Backyard fun!

I finally got my camera out of my bag!

We spent an hour out in the backyard (like we do lots of days), and I took a few pictures.

Here is Zev on the way out with his string cheese and a drink.


I had a hard time convincing him to go and play because he was so busy observing. What was he busy watching you ask?

This giant spider! I had to convince him not to try to touch it...

I finally convinced Zev to go and play. Here he is climbing up the ladder, which he can do all on his own now.

Over the top...

a little driving

drink break!

He loves to hang anywhere he can.

He did not want to come down.

He finally went for it.

Then comes the stress. He wants his shoes off because it is easier to climb up that way (thanks to his Papa for teaching him that...), but he hates walking bare foot in the grass.


He said he wanted his shoes back on, and then he asked to go in. Sometimes a guy just knows when he has played enough outside.

In case you haven't seen me in a while, here is my current 37 and half week pregnant shadow. Between my sweatshirt and hat, I look a little crazy, but you get the idea.

More proof of my current size, I made the mistake of sitting on this little plastic wagon to try to take a video of Zev going down the slide. I think I weigh more than the last time I sat on it. Oops.

At least I got the video.

I don't promise any more pictures anytime soon. I am putting the camera back in the hospital bag! My shadow can't get too much bigger...

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