Friday, April 15, 2011

A few pictures...

Here is a good one of Tahl and dad snuggling.

And another...

Today was a big day for Mr. T. He had his first doctor's appointment. He does NOT like to be naked and cold, so he didn't really enjoy it. Tahl is down to seven pounds even, so we are going to be working on getting his weight back up. He has a bit of reflux so we got some advice on that, but overall he had a good report at the doctor's office.

Tahl felt better after some love from his mom.

Once he got home, he was one tired guy.

He is really thinking about something in his sleep.

Since this is a Tahl blog, I have one picture of Zev because we haven't forgotten about him. He had a big day too. He took his Buby and Buster to a special Passover seder lunch today with his friends at school. He sang songs and ate almost all the food.

Here he is putting away his laundry. He was a really helpful big brother today. He gave Tahl toys, tried to feed him a plastic taco (gotta watch out for that one...), and let him sit with us to read books.

Hopefully day four goes as well as day three.

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