Monday, April 18, 2011

more pictures!

This weekend Tahl got to meet some new people!

Here is Tahl sleeping in his great-grandma's lap.


Tahl meeting Aunt Lisa for the first time!

Keaton and baby Tahl

Julie broke the mold and took her picture with Zev!

all four!

Zev, GG, and Tahl. Otherwise known as Grandma's new screen saver. I don't even have a picture with both boys yet!

close up

This morning Tahl tried out his play mat for the first time!
This picture reminds me of a very similar picture of Zevi...

Hands are delicious.

Here, we had asked Zev to give Tahl his burp cloth. This is where he placed it. Thanks to the Aces and the Cunninghams for the monster burp cloths (and yet to be revealed) monster onsie for Tahl! They match Zev's monster shirt and the boys blankets. I like to try to keep my favorite Etsy shop in business!

Last, but not least, this is the angry face. Tahl is not always cheerful, he sometimes has a little reflux, but once you help him feel better, he gets sweet again!

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