Friday, April 8, 2011


My last pregnancy I didn't really believe in "nesting". I guess it was because I was in the process of packing and unpacking from one home to another, so maybe I was just getting it all out without really knowing. This time we have Tahl's room already set up, so I think I have been getting it all out of my system with silly crafting.

Everything I have been doing is for Zev. I am hoping to find things to entertain him while I am busy with the new baby. I have been cutting shapes and crafts for him to glue.

I made a little set of art display rods to show all the fabulous things Zev makes.

We hung it over in the corner by the bulletin board that isn't big enough to hold all the art Zev wants to show...

Here is some pasta I dyed for him to string. Turned out not so bad. I am going make Zev a bucket of beans to pour and dump this weekend too.

In getting ready for the baby, Zev is moving to a big booster chair at the grown up table. It is much messier for mommy, but he feels important...

On another note, this morning Zev and I were talking about big and small. Here he is playing with the big spoon and cup. He kept hitting the table with the big spoon. I told him I would put the spoon in time out if he hit something with it again.

He walked over and put his spoon in time out. He sat down for about 30 seconds to wait (saying "out," "out," "out"). Then he took it out and came back to play...

Today I am cutting out magazine pictures for Zev to put in categories and glue! I will also be getting the craft ready for his birthday party this weekend. More importantly we will be getting ready to spend our last weekend together as a family of THREE!

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