Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Bris and Family Fun!

Warning: this is a long entry...

This week, we had Buby and Buster still here, and then Rachel (Aunt Ra Ra) and Ava came to stay with us.

Here is baby Ava meeting baby Tahl for the first time.

Prize winning photo taken by Rachel! Cutest picture of Zev in quite a while!

Zev and Ava

Miss Ava is precious!

On Wednesday everyone got to town for the bris on Thursday.

Here is Grandma Mimi, Brad, and Buby Mary at the bris.

Aunt Rachel and Tahl before she carried him out for the bris.

Ari and Tova before the bris

Family photo


Zev and dad watching

Ari even let Zev wear his Superman yarmulke. Zev has a Superman doll that he calls "ah-man".

Noah and Grandpa George during the bris.

Jake, Wanda, Scott, Mom, and Lori

Scott, Madi, Jake, and Stacy... Thanks for driving in from Tyler for Tahl's big day!

Aunt Madi and Tahl

Buby Mary, Grandma Dee, Buby, and Grandpa George giving Jaren some love!

First attempt at a cousins photo... did not go as planned...

Ava, Buster, Jaren, and Tova at dinner. Buster is a lucky guy.

Who is that handsome guy?

Karen and her dad, Grandpa George

Noah and Ava. Noah is a great big cousin.

Cousins again!

Buby and Buster with their five grandkids

Trying again the next day...

If you can't read Zev's shirt, it says "Don't Bug Me". This was pretty much his general attitude for the weekend. He didn't really want to share his toys, his house, or his parents. He did open up as the weekend went on, but he was a little overwhelmed by all the craziness.

Here we are painting a butterfly bank.

Noah had a car. He and Jaren's banks turned out beautifully. Zev stopped washing his brush and mostly just globbed the paint on, but he was happy with his result.

Gregg, Tova, and Tahl relaxing...

Chinese food dinner

Jaren playing in the toy room with Buby Mary

Last, but not least, here is Zev learning a little bit about baseball from Uncle Brad and Grandpa George. He had fun trying to hit the ball and watching Noah hit the ball. He hit it a few times with his great grandfather's help.

We had such a fun weekend with everyone. We are so lucky to have so much family who would drive and fly here to be with us to celebrate Tahl. We are especially lucky to have Buby and Buster who threw Tahl a wonderful bris. We are even more lucky that they get up with him at night and offer us so much help. Karen will be here for another week. Tahl has good nights and less good nights, but hopefully he will just continue to sleep better each night!

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