Friday, April 29, 2011

First bath and pajama time!

Yesterday Tahl FINALLY took his first bath. I swear I gave him a sponge bath or two, but I am afraid of the umbilical cord and private part issues, so I just couldn't do it before! He did not love it...

Once he got wet, it was a little better, but then it went back down hill with the soap...

Then he moved on to his duck towel, which he still didn't really love.

Now he feels better. Warm pjs and socks. Take a look at that hair. I am not saying it will definitely be curly later, but it sure looks a little frizzy here!

Buby (Karen) bought the boys some matching pajamas while I was pregnant. Last night, we tried them out. Zev loved the motorcycle pajamas, and he thought it was pretty cool that he and Tahl were the same.

Zev is checking out the pjs.

Tahl is looking at his big brother. I am sure he will be watching him a lot in the days to come.

Kisses and...


Tahl seems to be growing on Zev in that he likes to help him change his diapers and clothes, but he does not always want him in my lap. I think that is pretty par for the course, so we are happy.

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