Monday, April 4, 2011


Again, I have still been terrible with the pictures. This weekend we had Grey's first birthday at our house, and I took no pictures. Luckily, Emily and her mother both did, so maybe I will get a few copies. After the party we went out to dinner with my parents, Wanda, and Zev's cousin Kade. We went to the zoo with them the next morning too, but, again, I forgot my camera.

Here is my picture of the day.

A new way to store your tools.... I told him that his pocket wasn't big enough for his hammer, so he found a better place.

Here are a few words Zev has been trying to say in the last week or two:
1. Amy (he screams this at me from his room...) 2. animal
3. giraffe 4. avocado 5. drill 6. owl 7. apple 8. cheese 9. purple 10. yellow 11. puppy (instead of dog) and a few more

Out of these words, I think people who are not Ari or I would understand: Amy, apple, and animal with no context clues.

Zev's first few speech sessions have gone pretty well, and hopefully we will keep seeing good things!

On another note, I think my other child is rebelling in the belly. He is ready to come out.

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