Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Kade's Birthday

Mother's Day was also Kade's second birthday. We had a little family get together at Mimi and Papa's in his honor.

Here is the birthday boy!

Kade got a golf set.

He also got a water table.

Zev and Kade still mostly play beside each other rather than with each other, but it still makes for some cute pictures.

Zev loved the water table, so much so that he later ends up shirtless...

Shirtless is, of course, a better way to eat your hot dog and mustard anyway.

The birthday boy prefers ketchup.


Kade kicking the soccer ball.

Here is Z putting gas in the mower.

Overall, I think they had a pretty good time. Zev was having so much fun at the water table, that when we asked if he wanted cake, he said "no". I think it is time get out our table at home. Happy birthday Kade!

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