Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My birthday

Today, on my 28th birthday, I am reminded that birthdays are not as exciting when you are a grown up. So, I have to make it exciting for myself! Zev, Tahl, and I went to my favorite breakfast spot, McDonald's, to eat our morning meal and play on the playground. Then we came home to play and give Tahl a bath!

I believe he is saying, "It's your birthday, and I'll cry if I want to". He still thinks a bath is a little too cold.

Zev loves soap, so he helped me put some on Tahl.

Zev is not too fazed by Tahl's crying...

Don't worry, all you need is MORE SOAP.

While I was still pregnant, Ari's mom sent us a bath robe for Tahl. We thought it was so fun, but I forgot about it until Ari reminded me. Here is Mr. T in his robe.

He looks GOOD.
Zev wanted to get in on the photo shoot. He came with animals and a blanket, which he even shared with Tahl.

Tahl liked it...

...which made Zev a little stressed, so he switched him for the other animal.

Staring each other down...

Tahl loves the pacifier. Here he is while Zev eats lunch, loving the pacifier.

Now, here we have Zev saying hey, I think I could need one of those too. I am trying to ignore it, but he looks crazy. Hopefully this doesn't become a new habit.

We have a pretty tame rest of the day planned! An afternoon of more Zev, Tahl, and mom fun followed by an "adults only" dinner. Thanks in advance to my mom for babysitting! I think this is going to be a pretty good year for me.

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