Thursday, May 12, 2011

One Month!

I can't believe that Tahl is ONE MONTH OLD already! He is a sweet baby. He does have a fussy time in the evenings, but he can be soothed if you are willing to work for it. He is very alert, a good eater, and he is really starting to grow on us around here! This morning on his way out to school Zev kissed me AND Tahl.

Here we have the one month photo shoot!

Not really feeling it anymore...

Today, Tahl has his one month doctor's appointment, and I think he has to get his first shot. We are hoping for this month that Tahl starts to smile, play a little more, and MAYBE even sleep a little bit longer stretches at night...

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  1. Tahl looks so much like Zev to me. Also, my, those are cute stickers. :)